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The World According to Anna. Wheels of Terror. The Abyssinian Proof. The Camel Bookmobile. The Light of Evening. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories.

Tropes include:

From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Self's Punishment. Your cart Close. Go Search. Love and Betrayal and Hold the Mayo!

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Continue Shopping. Feeling bad for his nephew, Marty's uncle brings him some fireworks, warning Marty to set them off really late so his mother won't find out. While outside enjoying his own private Independence Day celebration, the werewolf attacks Marty, who manages to put out the monster's left eye with a package of firecrackers. The werewolf escapes and police ignore Marty's report because they are looking for a human murderer, not a werewolf.

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As the summer continues, the bloodshed occurs again every full moon. Fall comes and so does Halloween. To celebrate, Marty goes trick-or-treating with his sister. While out, he sees Reverend Lowe wearing an eyepatch. However, Lowe doesn't recognize Marty, as his face is covered by a Yoda mask. Marty, whose family is Catholic , never attend services at Lowe's church, which is why he didn't work out the werewolf's identity sooner. Over the next few weeks, Marty sends the pastor anonymous letters asking him why he doesn't kill himself and end the terror.

In December, he sends the last letter—signed with his name. Unbeknownst to Reverend Lowe, Marty has convinced his somewhat reluctant uncle to have two silver bullets made and to come spend New Year's Eve which falls on the full moon with his sister and him.

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Right before midnight, the werewolf breaks into the house to kill Marty. Marty shoots the werewolf twice with the silver bullets. After the wolf dies, it changes back into Reverend Lowe, much to the shock of everyone present. The novella started out as a calendar [1] by Zavista with illustrations by renowned comic-book artist Bernie Wrightson. Each month featured a drawing by Wrightson complete with a short vignette by King.

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King found the size of the vignettes, which were both small and extremely limited, to be a problem. In the author's notes at the back of the novella, King admits to taking liberties with the lunar cycle.

For example, if a full moon was on New Year's Day, another one wouldn't occur on Valentine's Day, but these dates are widely recognized in January and February. He explains that this was done to focus the relevant months more clearly in the readers' minds.

The movie received mixed reviews and it has since achieved cult status in the US, after appearing on television regularly.