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It cuts the hair and, in the process, gently lifts it from the skin. This helps our 5-blade razors Fusion Family cut closer. Gillette Fusion and Fusion ProGlide :each with 5 close-shaving blades. Why more razor blades make a difference: Gillette multi-blade razors.

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How to care for your razor: Blade cleaning and storage tips. Please Enable Javascript for Better Experience. India - English. Would you like to log out now? Search for:. All Products. Value packs. Recommended 0 Times Recommend This. Please click the link below to share.

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From The Daily Edge Whoa. Driver knocks over passing cyclist Beardless This post contains images. From The42 Movember. Ryan Lochte got these gold-plated, diamond-encrusted razors for winning five Olympic medals Aug 7th , PM 2, Views 7 Comments.

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