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Ephesians 6:8-12 KJV

Frank Thielman. Sinclair B Ferguson. John Macarthur. Harry Uprichard. Simon Austen. Arthur G Patzia. We are blessed, all of us, by the personal impact of President Kimball on our lives. As such a beloved leader, his personal influence is impossible to measure, but it is even more pervasive and remarkable than the numbers recited. In varying degrees, you will not have the same affirmative influence of societal institutions which once strongly supported the family and principles such as chastity and fidelity.

Those supporting influences, in many respects, will, unfortunately fall away like so much scaffolding.

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Then we will see who stands, both on holy ground and on holy principles! And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. Properly nourished, it will develop a good root system, and even when the heat of the sun comes and scorches, it will not wither see Alma — That summer is upon us, and only those who are grounded, rooted, established, and settled will survive spiritually.

You will become very conscious of who you are. However, today I will not stress the extraordinariness of your times but the immense possibilities which lie within the seeming ordinariness of your lives. There is nothing that the Lord thy God shall take in his heart to do but what he will do it. You are a part of that unfolding process. But he will not revise the structure of this second estate just because you and I have had a bad day. It is especially helpful to remember also that the temptations and challenges we face are common to man see 1 Corinthians , yet we must respond uncommonly.

Built, therefore, into the seemingly ordinary experiences of life are opportunities for us to acquire such eternal attributes as love, mercy, meekness, patience, and submissiveness and to develop and sharpen such skills as how to communicate, motivate, delegate, and manage our time and talents and our thoughts in accordance with eternal priorities. These attributes and skills are portable; they are never obsolete and will be much needed in the next world.

How often have you and I really pondered just what it is, therefore, that will rise with us in the resurrection? Our intelligence will rise with us, meaning not simply our I. Our talents, attributes, and skills will rise with us, certainly also our capacity to learn, our degree of self-discipline, and our capacity to work. To be sure, we cannot, while here, entirely avoid contact with the obsolescent and the irrelevant.

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It is all around us. But one can be around irrelevancy without becoming attached to it, and certainly we should not become preoccupied with obsolete things. By these remarks I do not intend to create discontent with the paraphernalia of this probationary estate, but it is a grave error to mistake the scenery and the props for the real drama which is underway.


Nor do I wish to bear down too much on the fact that certain mortal vocations will be irrelevant in the next world. A mortician does useful work here, especially if it is done with excellence, compassion, and reverence for life. Whatever our vocation, we should be sweetened, not hardened. Remaining settled and established is not easy, for we are crowded by the cares of the world.

We are diverted by the praise of the world; we are buffeted by the trials of the world, drawn by the appetites and tempt-ations of the world, and bruised by the hardness of the world. But when we are grounded, rooted, established, and settled, we can have a precious perspective which puts other things in their proper place.

This is no small blessing, for it lifts us above our immediate circumstances and concerns, giving us a larger view of things, as this secular episode illustrates:. In , Ernest Rutherford, a physicist, missed a meeting of experts advising the British government on anti-submarine warfare. If it is true, it is of far greater importance than a war. The precious perspective of the gospel also helps to keep before us the reality of what lies ahead. Malcolm Muggeridge put it so very well:. Now, the prospect of death overshadows all others for me. I am like a man on a sea voyage nearing his destination.

All such considerations become pointless, however, when I shall soon be disembarking. So it is, brothers and sisters, that neither a sense of impending cataclysm nor of our eventual death should keep us from proceeding with our mortal chores. It is very desirable, for instance, that you go forward with your education even in the midst of the gathering storm. I cherish these lines from C. Lewis given over 40 years ago to students and scholars at Oxford in the midst of another gathering storm.

He said:.

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If men had postponed the search for knowledge and beauty until they were secure, the search would never have begun. Life has never been normal. The insects have chosen a different line: they have sought first the material welfare and security of the hive, and presumably they have their reward. Men are different. They propound mathematical theorems in beleaguered cities, conduct metaphysical arguments in condemned cells, make jokes on scaffolds, discuss the last new poem while advancing to the walls of Quebec, and comb their hair at Thermophylae.

Be true, therefore, to the buoyancy in your nature which responds to your innate cravings for truth and beauty in spite of circumstance.

Besides, in a very real sense, given the purpose of the mortal experience, your university education is an education within an education. You will wonder sometimes about life—if mortality consists only of large classes. In fact, life is designed to be quite tutorial in nature so far as how the lessons are usually taught and learned. He can reassure us that the president of the Church is a prophet of God.

There will be times when you will need that reinforcement. After all, prophets are not just for following in the Sinai or on a westward journey.

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  5. President Brigham Young told of one man who, instead of going west, wanted to wait in the East for the impending redemption of Zion and who was told by George A. There will be some equivalent counsel given to you in your lifetime. Moses, an inspired leader, desired an inspired people.


    On one occasion reports reached him that certain members of the camp were prophesying, and when Joshua wanted it forbidden, Moses said unto him:. Enviest thou for my sake? It punctures our human denial, our false and self-deceptive desire to insist that there is nothing seriously wrong with the way we live, the sinful habits we tolerate, the wrongs we perpetrate. We all want to see ourselves as "good people," as being "okay.

    The gospel comes crashing into our denial, rubbing our noses in the fact that our condition is so bad, so desperate, that our sins literally nailed the Son of God to a cross! Our problem is so desperate that it is truly incurable, from a human perspective. We cannot save ourselves. Only God Himself can save us.

    Today, because of what Scripture calls "the wrath of God," human evil is allowed to run its course in the world--with devastating consequences. But the good news of the gospel is that God loves us, He hasn't forgotten us, and He has entered human life to share in our sorrow and pain. God, through the Son, has personally taken the penalty for our evil upon Himself.

    It is a deep, dark, impenetrable mystery, far beyond our imagining and our reasoning--but even though we cannot grasp it, we can accept it and receive God's pardon, deliverance, and freedom from bondage as God's own adopted children. That is "the word of truth" that we have received, the first essential experience of a believer--the gospel of salvation.

    Belief in Christ. The second essential experience of the Christian, says Paul, is that we believed in Christ, we placed our trust in Him. Belief is an essential prerequisite to a relationship with Jesus Christ.