Hitched: The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage

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Obviously, my intention was to let my parents do the talking, and to stay in my room.

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When she went downstairs, the mother of the boy looked her up and down, and asked her height. Apparently, her son was tall, and had said he would not marry anyone who was shorter than 5 feet 6 inches. I was like, is she going to want to count my teeth next? She refused to wear a sari, and her parents settled for a salwar-kameez. My house was spring-cleaned and spruced up, and all the stuff that was considered junk was packed away and stuffed into the balcony, and everything else that was considered unsightly was stuffed under the bed.

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Basically, all excess fat was trimmed. The house looked spic and span, but you look under the bed or the balcony, and you would see everything that went into making a disastrous house. The first pennu kaanal started off on a sour note. It was May Day, and Shreya had just started working.

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So she and her colleagues had planned a fun day out, to be topped off with a movie. She was resentful about having to cancel on them. The bell rang.

  • Review: Hitched by Nandini Krishnan - Bookish.
  • Review: Hitched by Nandini Krishnan - Bookish.
  • Review: Hitched by Nandini Krishnan.
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And I could smell the coconut oil on his hair from where I was standing. I was like ughhhhhhhh. They were asked to get to know each other.

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His idea of reading was the newspaper. The shape of her eyebrows altered at that question, and Shreya told him it was none of his business. It turned out he had already met his idea of the perfect bride. I gave him this one look, and just then my aunt called me in from the kitchen to serve the tea. The kitchen, of course, was the hub of all the conversation. So far so good, for my Book-A-Month project.

Review: Hitched by Nandini Krishnan

So, while looking out for books to purchase through my friend from India, I stumbled upon this book, Hitched. I read the synopsis and truly fell for it. What more a better perspective can I get from women in a country where arrange marriages tops it all. Reading this book has definitely help me to understand things much better and also learn from others mistake. After all, life is not all perfect.

Hitched: The Modern Woman and Arranged Marriage | Nandini Krishnan

I would like to summarise it as — Finding your true love or the most compatible partner is all in your hands, you are just getting suggestions on who it might be but the ultimate decision comes from within. On the other hand, I completed my first ever e-book.

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Not a fan of e-book but this came by and I thought I would give it a try. While transwomen have gained recognition through the extraordinary efforts of activists and feminists, the brotherhood, as the transmasculine network often refers to itself, remains imponderable, diminished even within the transgender community. For all intents and purposes, they do not exist.

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In a country in which parents wish their daughters were sons, the daughters who do become sons are exiled. With frank, poignant, often idiosyncratic interviews that braid the personal with the political, the informative with the offhand, she makes a powerful case for inclusivity and a non-binary approach to gender.

Nandini Krishnan is a writer, dancer and stage actor. Her journalism has appeared in long-form publications in India and abroad.